The Earth, whoever its creator is, is perfectly positioned in space to sustain human life. If we will shift the position of the planet from its axis, albeit slightly, the temperature will become either too hot or too cold to allow survival. And hence with the planet’s perfect placement in the galaxy, we should be really thankful.

We humans however, because of our tremendously increasing population and seemingly insatiable demands for new technologies, have done and are continuously doing activities that are detrimental to the environment. We pollute the air, the land, the water with our factories, our transport vehicles, our trash. One of the harmful effects of these destructive actions is the planet’s excessive polar ice cap melting, which is one big symptom of worsening global warming.

Polar Ice Cap Melting

Polar Ice Cap Melting have been very dramatic over past few decades. As mentioned, this phenomenon is a result of global climate change, the temperature across all continents gradually going up as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are trapped in the atmosphere and turning the planet into a big oven.

Polar Ice Cap Melting is controversial in as much as its overall effects to life are debatable. While some studies show that the ice cap melting will not cause dramatic changes in ecosystems even in the next 100 years, other studies assert that persistent destructive human activities will greatly catalyze major melting of ice caps, which definitely will lead to extinction of various plant and animal species, and reclamation of low lands.

Even if the effects of Polar Ice Cap Melting are still disputed, we humans should know better. Hence we should always think big and always consider the consequences of our actions, especially if they are threatening to our privilege of realizing a healthy everyday existence.