Polar Ice cap melting – 2012.

Polar Ice Cap

Rising Temperature leads to Falling Icebergs


For many years, people are amazed of how wonderful polar ice cap formed in Polar region. Firm polar ice caps means that Earth is in its natural and balanced condition. But if it’s starting to melt, we can only hope for a miracle change.

Polar Regions.

In Polar Regions where most ice can be found and the temperature is at its lowest level, it’s been observed by the experts that ice bergs are starting to fall frequently from land masses to the area of the ocean. Ice bergs are glaciers that break off. This is a normal cycle. However, it has been said that there are more falling ice bergs now compared before and what’s threatening is that most of it are melting. This is a mere sign that the temperature in Polar region are rising.
The rising of temperature and maybe the melting of icebergs are severely caused by Global Warming. If the rising of the temperature continues then there’s a possibility of polar ice cap melting which leads to the rising of sea levels for up to 230 feet! And within the next four to five years, the ice caps could be melted completely.
If you think the vanishing polar ice caps are bad then there’s worse than that. The global ecosystem might be completely out of balance if these ice caps melt. Polar ice cap are our fresh water resource and of the other species of animals. If these melt, it will go to the ocean and the ocean will become less salty. Less salty ocean leads to rising of temperature. And rising of temperature, leads to imbalance of marine life’s ecosystem or equal to death of millions of marine species.

The Polar ice cap is white and reflects to the sunlight and then the sunlight is reflected back to the outer space thus it makes the Earth cool. But if the ice caps are melting, and the Polar Ice cap is melting, the sunlight will no longer reflect that much sunlight thus the ocean will become darker and the temperature will rise.

It’s a complete disaster.

Now the big question is, how long will the Earth survives? Lets all do something to stop the polar ice cap melting!!!