Global Warming Causes the Melting of the Polar Ice Caps - Polar BearIt is amazing how fast the world is changing for just a short span of time. The shape of the world has been altered with the advancement of technology as well as the explosion of the human population. People are always finding ways to make life more convenient as we are today.

One of the effects of this “change” in the world is the very evident Global Warming. This phenomenon causes massive destruction on the environment and the living things at the same time.


The melting of the ice caps in the Polar Regions is one of the effects of this warming on the planet.  NASA has estimated that the rate of the melting in the Arctic to be 3.4%. This number is very alarming since there will come a time that the polar ice caps will become “ice-free”, meaning water levels rise. Many life forms will be affected by this, such as the already Diminishing Polar Bears.


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