Global Warming has a lot of impact to every aspect of our world, which gives birth to new or unbalanced climate in different areas in the Earth. In the Polar Regions, the increased heating causes most of the ice to become thin and eventually breaks apart. Evidence shows that some parts of the ice caps that have remained there for a very long time has drifted apart. This means that the frozen seas of the Polar Regions are slowly being made into liquid through global warming.

This issue has not been affecting the people but also the animals that live in the region. Polar bears are among these which are already endangered. These types of bears spend most of their time in cold areas in which they are well adapted to. Although polar bears have swimming capabilities, they cannot swim covering a large distance which is now the condition of their habitat. The melting of the ice breaks it into several parts and drifts along the sea. This gives the bears a big problem in moving from places to search for food. Researchers have already found several bodies of the polar bears floating on the waters. They explained that those bears have died swimming for up to 60 miles across open sea to find food. This is due to the breaking of the ice shelves in the Arctic, which forces the bears to go that distance, and die on the way because of exhaustion or perhaps hypothermia.

If we don’t help conserve the polar bears and protect their habitat, then time will come that they will be wiped out on the face of the earth and we can just find them only in pictures and books.